Sunday, January 11, 2009

Holy Cross School, Whitefield

Holy Cross School is located in a beautiful 7 acres campus called "Abayadhama Campus". This school at present is educating about 1000 students right from KG to 10th Standard. It recently started the CBSE section for those who would like to join. It has all well qualified and experienced teachers. This school is different from most of the other schools, having the motto "success through hard work". It is the hard work of both the teachers and students that brings success in all the activities that take place in this campus including the good results in the public examinations.

What makes Holy Cross School different?
It is a school with lot of "Blessings". Bro. John Joseph.CSC is the first blessing, I mean a person with the real understanding of the situation, life of each student in this school. He is simply great in the way he teaches values for life to all his students in all the situations. A perfect leader of this school, enthusiastic in the devolopment of this school.

When we have a perfect leader, we can simply sit and relax that all his colleagues also would be like him, doing their responsibilities to the best of their ability. Coming to the infrastructure of this school, As per my knowledge, it has and provides all the facility to all the students, creating a better atmosphere for learning. Another most important thing we can notice in school is "discipline". The hard working faculties always make sure that all the learners at this school learn to be good human beings first, having respect for all.

All the parents of these students can simply sit and relax, that all their children are in the safe hands. It does not mean that the parents have no responsibility towards their child. It is obvious that all parents are much cared about the future of their child, that is the reason I felt like posting this blog, giving an insight about this beautiful school.

I share this with you dear viewers as a person with some cocern towards the future pillars of India. I could say the above with confidence because I myself witnessed all this in my life as a teacher in this school.

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